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Dry cleaning  is important process for Your car, not only for giving aesthetic value to your car interior, for example after buying or before selling, but as well as in case of unforeseen strong interior contamination.

This is a very useful procedure, which is recommended to be conducted at least once a year for hygiene and for your health.

After all, the proper cleaning of the salon will reduce the likelihood of the appearance of pathogenic bacteria (especially in a wet period), which fall into the salon on clothes or shoes.

Dry cleaning of the salon will help you get rid of stains and dust, give your salon a fresh look, reduce the number of bacteria and microorganisms, help avoid allergies, and of course will save your salon from premature entropy.

Thanks to the latest technology, dry cleaning is quick and efficient. Surface treatment is made by a modern solution, safe for people and pets (It is very important for those who like to travel with children or who transport four-legged friends).

To clean details of car interior we use chemical agent in accordance with the requirements for the care of a certain type of material.

The technological process looks something like this:

Cleaning the interior with a vacuum cleaner to remove small and large rubbish.

Then a preliminary treatment with a special composition is carried out. It entices to remove old spots and complex pollution.

After these manipulations, the main chemical cleaning of the interior is occurs. (It is necessary to take into account the upholstery material).

And the last stage is cleaning of the interior and applying of special burnish to the surfaces.


Dry cleaning of cars

✅ Dry cleaning
✅ Refresher of the interior
✅ Dissipate an odor

Absolutely safe for children and animals, as only professional equipment is used

From 50 euro.

Химчистка очень грязного BMW

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