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The car service provided by the company Semarco offers a quick and high-quality repair of your car. All kinds of car repair. Preparation for technical inspection, diagnostics of your car. Fixed prices and warranty up to 12 months. If you need a real professional, just call us. Engine repair, body painting, computer diagnostics and vehicle preparation for technical inspection.

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Noise in the engine, increased oil consumption, the amount and color of the smoke of exhaust gases are obvious and visible signs that the engine of your car needs repairs.

The efficiency and high qualification of our team is capable of creating real miracles! Call right now and find out more..

You can always contact us with the following engine maintenance questions: oil and filter change, adjustment of the ignition system, coolant control or replacement of the fuel filter. Also we carry out computer diagnostics of all systems, including the car engine.

Repair and preparation for Technical Inspection

The standard preparation of the vehicle for the inspection includes: engine diagnostics, checking the braking characteristics of the car, checking the play of the steering, checking the correctness of adjusting the headlight, checking the level of CO and CH in the exhaust gases of the car. We are happy to provide you with qualified car repair services.


An effective way to thoroughly inspect a car involves reading codes and detecting errors, checking parameters and testing all systems. Computer diagnostics provides information on the current state of the units, parts, vehicle control units and evaluates the overall technical condition. With the help of computer diagnostics, specialists measure various characteristics that ensure a functioning vehicle.

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